Domestic ultra-long titanium alloy coiled tubing


        In recent years, China has continuously increased its efforts in oil and gas exploration and development, and unconventional oil and gas resources such as deep-sea oil and gas and combustible ice in harsh environments have gradually become the main direction of exploration and development.

        Titanium alloy coiled tubing has the advantages of light weight, high corrosion resistance, and high fatigue life, and can be widely used in oilfield workover, logging, ultra-deep wells, and harsh corrosive environments. It can also be used as pipeline pipe for oil and gas transportation in well fields or oceans. Due to its versatility, speed, and reliability, coiled tubing and its operating equipment are known as "universal work machines".

        After years of research, China Yanyan Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other units have cooperated to extend the limit of titanium alloy coiled tubing from 7000 meters to more than 12000 meters. The successful development of ultra-long titanium alloy coiled tubing marks a major breakthrough in several key technologies for preparation processes, providing important engineering equipment for deep oil and gas exploration.

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